About us

Manisha & Vivek Mishra

Manisha & Vivek Mishra are Sapphire Director with Oriflame and one of the Top Leader in U.P.Both of them have a rich and vast experience in MNC’s & in totality 18+ years of experience with Orilame,currently they are leading a team of more than 5000+ consultants & are one of the fastest growing leaders in Oriflame. With their rich experience they are able to create new leaders with strong growth by implementing the simple process to work & get success in Oriflame business.


Vivek Mishra

Vivek is a MBA with more than 17 years of rich & diverse experience into Direct Sales, Channel Sales, Marketing, Insurance, Financial Planning etc. He has also provided trainings to more than 5000 people from various hierarchies; His strengths are into trainings & leadership development. On personal front he loves travelling to new places.

Manisha Mishra

Manisha is an art graduate with more than 15 years of diverse experience into Customer service, Direct Sales, Insurance etc. She got multiple promotions in her corporate career & always been a top performer & was recognised nationally many times. On personal front she is found of shopping clothes & accessories.

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