Achievements in Oriflame

  • Got Multiple Titles Award (Gold Director & Sr.Gold Director) in Gold Conference 2016 - Copenhagen
  • Became Manager’s Club Competition Regional Winner – 2016
  • Recognised as 2nd Fastest growing leader –North, in Manager’s Seminar 2016
  • Achieved a new Title Sapphire Director in Dec 2016
  • Got Cash Awards of 4.5 Lakhs in less than 15 months
  • Qualified for Gold Conference 2016 – Copenhagen
  • Qualified for Gold Conference 2017 with 2 tickets – 50th Anniversary on Mediterranean Cruise

Our Journey

People with basic beauty products knowledge and looking for a business can very well expertise with Oriflame business.

There are two ways of joining the Oriflame:
– First, as an Oriflame Consultant.
– Second, as an Oriflame Customer.
Membership for Oriflame Consultants is for those 18 years and above.

Oriflame Consultants have fun while making. They make Customers and give them beauty tips. For that, they earn an immediate income. They also make Consultants and help them fulfill their dreams. For this, they earn a monthly income. Consultants have the privilege of buying their Oriflame products at a special consultant price.

How to get started
In order to join Oriflame you need to have a sponsor, i.e. a person who introduces you to Oriflame and gives you all the necessary information. You also pay a small registration fee, which entitles you to membership and a Starter Kit containing everything you need to get started.
* Complete a Consultant Registration Form together with your Sponsor.
* Receive your own Starter Kit
* with all the material you need to get started.
* Take advantage of the Oriflame Welcome Programe for new Consultants.

Planning to join as Oriflame Consultant? Get your reference here. Send your queries and comments. One of the Oriflame consultant will answer your queries.

Benefits of Cleanser
Cleansing removes dirt, oil, bacteria and makeup, Which let your skin breath well.

Benefits of Toning
Toning close the pores which generally opens after cleaning. It restores the pH level and prepare the skin to receive the moisturizer.

Benefits of moisturizing
Moisturizing can be choose accordingly to the skin type. For oily skin use non greasy moisturizer. Moisturizing should be done immediately after applying toner. Moisturizer helps to form a fine, protective layer that enables the skin to retain the moisture it requires. Moisturizing is essential for all types of skin. Lack of moisture on the skin causes skin to become dry and more prone to wrinkling.

It has come up with its range of Oriflame Professional Hair Care System which vows to revivify one’s crowning glory So, why not head towards its review to determine if it is worthy of applause or not? Lets get started with Oriflame Professional Hair Care System Review below.

Direction for use : Place in a cup containing warm water for 5 minutes, remove, break the nozzle and massage the oil onto your scalp and ends.
Packed in a simple plastic tube, the nozzle of which has to be rotated to break it and nothing more, the packaging of Oriflame Professional Hair Care System is conspicuously meant for a single use. It is travel-friendly and given its one-time use feature, there is no need to forward to other factors. All in all, it is fine as far as packaging is concerned.

Once steeped in warm water, the tube of Oriflame Professional Hair Care System warms up while the oil doesn’t as much as it should have to be efficacious. I massaged the oil as instructed and washed my locks with a mild herbal shampoo. What did I note? Nothing remotely commendable. This oil fell flat on all its claims.