Manisha & Vivek Misha – Sapphire Director

Vivek initially started this business in his college days, He was doing good & achieved a level of Director & opened his Gold Director title also, but as we belonged to simple middle-class families, where social acceptability was to do a nice job so he has to go for a corporate job. We both were working with MNC's & got various awards & promotions in our careers...
but after our son "Kritath" was born, it became difficult for me to work full time, then we took a decision that we should start focusing more on our Oriflame business, which was giving us decent income without any efforts, I started attending & providing trainings, worked exactly the way company guided time to time, I was chosen SDE (SARPIO Dream Express) leader where I learned to work as per the SARIO (Sales & Recruitment Processes in Oriflame) system & followed it by heart,

These best practices gave immense growth to our network & multiple titles for us, 3 things helped us a lot in our growth:

  1. Pre-planned monthly calendar,
  2. Fix L2 & theme based L3 meetings by self & teams,
  3. Regular manager’s club & SM Club training

As the earning increased to a 6 digits figure, Vivek also quit his job from a regional profile & now both of us are working together & helping our teams to fulfil their dreams, Oriflame gave us our first foreign trip together to Denmark & Sweden & now we have also qualified with 2 tickets to 50th Anniversary Gold Conference on Cruise...

Now our immediate next goal is to create more & more Gold directors in our team.
Thanking Oriflame for giving us the opportunities to not only fulfil our Dreams but also giving us an opportunity to transform many lives & fulfil their Dreams too.